My Bio:

Hi, I’m PL but all my online friends know me as “Mod Girl”. I use that screen name because of my love for all things “modern”. I’m married and have been for over 25 years. I have 4 children who all are grown and live their own lives. I also have a couple of fur babies who keep me company so I won’t feel too lonely.

I was a web designer for many years and retired a few years ago. After that, I decided to try my own hand at digital scrapbooking. The reason why I wanted to try out digital scrapbooking was because I wanted to use my own scrapbook graphics that I created for creating scrapbooks for my family and friends. The rest (as they say) is history, lol.

About this site:

I started creating scrapbook graphics when I was still a practicing web designer but the jobs were getting harder to find and with the advent of web design (do-it-yourself) tools I decided to retire from web designing for good. When I began creating scrapbook graphics I started practicing first and then when I got better at it I decided to open my own scrapbook shop.

And now that brings me to this Scrapbook Members site. I figured since I enjoy creating scrapbook graphics I would create a membership area so other scrapbook designers (and non-scrapbook designers) would have a place to find all the scrapbook graphics they would ever need for digital scrapbooking. If you’d like to see some previews of what’s available inside the paid membership area, you can view the products from my shop HERE.